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HVAC Maintenance

We love living in Amarillo, but it can be a tough environment with high temperatures in the Summer, cold Winters, and a relentless allergy season! Regular maintenance to clean filters and check all components prepares your central heating and cooling system to best handle any extreme climate conditions that the Panhandle can throw at it.

Maintenance Benefits

Regular maintenance to your HVAC system also ensures your safety and an efficient system. Faulty HVAC components can create a safety hazard in your home, from electrical issues to carbon monoxide and other fluid leaks. Trusting your regular HVAC maintenance to a team of professionals ensures that your property is protected and your family or residents are safe. It also protects you from more costly repairs or having to replace the HVAC system altogether.

Our maintenance services include the following:
Visually check system components
Clear primary condensate drain line
Replace 111 filter
Clean flame sensor
Test operation
Test for carbon monoxide
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