Why Does My Furnace Run Constantly in Claude, TX?

Your furnace should generally run for about 10 to 15 minutes when heating your home in Claude, TX. Anything longer than that, especially when combined with issues like lukewarm air, means something is wrong. A constantly running furnace may have obstructed airflow, a bad pilot light, a faulty limit switch, or an uncalibrated thermostat.

Obstruction in the Filter

Any hindrance to airflow can put stress on the furnace, causing overheating and forcing the fan to run continually to cool it down. A dirty filter is perhaps the number-one cause of obstructed airflow. Make sure you’re changing your filter every one to three months and have a maintenance technician clean out debris build-up inside the furnace.

Fan Setting

The furnace’s fan has two settings: Auto and On. The Auto setting directs the fan to run only when the furnace is heating. The On setting causes the fan to run continually.

Limit Switch or Thermostat Issue

The limit switch is the device that switches the furnace’s blower assembly on and off. It should shut down your furnace once the indoor temperature is the same as your set point, but if it’s faulty, your furnace will keep running.

Perhaps the limit switch is fine, but the thermostat sends incorrect temperature readings. Over time, the sensors in the thermostat lose their calibration, so there’s a possibility your thermostat thinks the temperature is lower than it truly is.

To fix the issue that’s causing your furnace to run constantly, contact Caprock Services Heating & Air and schedule an appointment for repairs. We can work on any make or model of gas, oil, or electric furnace, and we back our results with a one-year labor warranty. We’re also available 24/7 in case of emergencies in Claude and the surrounding area.

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