Why Does My Ductless AC System Leak Water in Bushland, TX?

You count on your Bushland, TX ductless system for comfort. If you notice a leak, it’s important to have the problem diagnosed and repaired so that the system can do its job properly. The following are a few potential reasons why your ductless AC system is leaking water.

Your Drain Line Clogs

Having a clog in the drain line is one of the most common reasons why it is leaking. Your ductless system pulls moisture from the air in your home. The drain line carries that water from the drain pan safely outside.

Once the line develops a blockage, it won’t be able to drain the water. Instead, the access water will drip inside your Bushland, TX home.

Damage to the Drain Pan

Drain pans can rust or crack as they age. The drain pan’s main job is to hold the moisture that’s extracted from the air in your home.

Any type of damage to the drain pan will cause a leak. Once this happens, you’ll need to have it repaired so that your ductless system can function properly.

A Dirty Air Filter

Once your ductless system’s air filter gets dirty, you could be facing a variety of problems. This includes leaks. If the air filter is too dirty to function properly, dust and dirt will build up on your system’s coils.

Without the necessary airflow, these coils can freeze. As they warm up, the ice and frost melt, which creates drips down your walls and on the floor. Routinely cleaning the air filters eliminates this problem.

Water leaking from your ductless system indicates that there is some type of issue that we need to resolve. To ensure your home’s comfort, we need to address these problems promptly. Call Caprock Services Heating & Air for all of your ductless system repairs in Bushland, TX.

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