Variable-Speed Air Conditioners are Ultra-Efficient

What makes variable-speed air conditioners so popular with Amarillo, TX, homeowners? Variable-speed technology keeps your cooling costs low and your indoor comfort levels high. Variable-speed air conditioners can save 15% on your monthly power bills compared to single- and two-stage air conditioning systems.

How Does a Variable-Speed System Reduce Energy Costs?

Unlike traditional single-speed AC systems, variable-speed air conditioners provide only the degree of cooling currently required to maintain the desired temperature. With variable-speed systems, nothing is wasted.

When more horsepower is needed during high-energy operations such as at startup, the unit switches to full capacity to handle the load. Once your air conditioner achieves the thermostat setting, it can maintain that temperature indefinitely by making small and incremental adjustments to output.

Who Can Save the Most With Variable-Speed Technology?

The more you run a variable-speed AC system, the more you’ll save on cooling costs. Homeowners who receive the most energy savings have long, hot, humid summers that require air conditioning almost all the time.

Help For Overstressed Air Conditioners

An air conditioner removes humidity as part of its job description. Nevertheless, its primary function is to cool indoor air. If indoor humidity is excessively high, the air conditioner must work to remove it, and that causes wear and tear on the AC. The more humidity is in the air, the harder the air conditioner must work.

In a variable-speed system, indoor air is almost constantly traveling through your home. It removes indoor humidity and prevents the air conditioner from becoming overburdened. Excess wear and tear are eliminated, and reducing stress on the air conditioner can lower your energy costs even more.

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