Troubleshooting Your Ductless Mini-Split in Amarillo, TX

Ductless mini-splits are some of the most versatile heating and cooling systems for homes of every size in Amarillo, TX. However, any system can have problems, which makes troubleshooting more important.

Condensate or Refrigerant Leaks

Since ductless mini-splits have more air handlers to cycle refrigerant, more condensate lines could possibly have issues. One of these leaks could damage your wall; seeing evidence of this might be one of your first signs of trouble.

Also, sometimes ductless mini-splits aren’t installed properly, potentially causing problems. One common problem with improper installation is a unit leaking refrigerant, which could contribute to future system breakdown or failure.

Compressor Malfunction

Compressors in these systems sometimes break down, especially if you use your unit often. If your unit seems to run continuously despite cooler temperatures, your compressor may have broken down.

Insufficient Cooling or Heating Capacity

A unit with insufficient cooling capacity for the space might result in a room that is too warm, while a unit with insufficient heating capacity could result in in a room that is too cool. When either of these issues occurs, ensuring the ductless mini-split is the proper size for the room or zone is essential.

You’re Not Getting Sufficient Conditioned Air

If you’re not getting the conditioned air you need, your filter might be dirty; that’s one of the most common causes, and it’s one of the easiest to troubleshoot. You should replace it every one to three months as needed.

Your System Doesn’t Turn On

One of the most common reasons your unit won’t turn on might be power source issues. Sometimes, the problem is your system itself, which makes having everything checked out by a professional more important.

We can handle any problem with your HVAC system. We’re dedicated to ensuring your home stays at a comfortable temperature year-round. Contact us at Caprock Services Heating & Air today about any of your ductless mini-split needs.

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