Is It Time to Replace Your Heat Pump in Amarillo, TX?

You rely on your heat pump to keep you comfortable in Amarillo, TX, and perhaps this winter, you’re noticing that some things are off. Heat pumps don’t last forever, of course. If your heat pump is getting older, becoming inefficient and facing an expensive repair, then replacement may be the way to go.

Old Heat Pumps

Consider your heat pump’s age and compare it to the expected lifespan. For central heat pumps, the average lifespan is 10 to 15 years; for ductless mini-splits, it’s closer to 30 years. How long your system will last will depend on whether you’ve been getting professional maintenance for it every year and how much you tend to run it.

Inefficient Heat Pumps

Next, ask yourself if the heat pump’s performance is as satisfactory as it was before. Does it heat your home within a reasonable 10 to 15 minutes and cycle no more than two or three times an hour? Does it heat each room evenly, operate quietly and emit no odd odors?

A well-functioning heat pump is nothing to worry about, regardless of age. However, you may have a young system that’s running poorly even though you’ve paid good money for several repairs already. In those situations, you may need a new system.

A Bad Motor or Coil

Perhaps a technician has told you that a bad blower motor or a bad evaporator or condenser coil is behind the heat pump’s poor performance. Replacing these components is costly and may not be worth it for systems already near the end of their projected lifespan.

Our team can help you decide between repair and replacement, and help you choose the best system for your home. Contact Caprock Services Heating and Air to schedule heat pump installation.

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