3 Signs It’s Time for Professional Heat Pump Repairs in Bushland, TX

Although your heat pump may have served you well through the winter in Bushland, TX, it can possibly malfunction at some point. When a heat pump is about to break down, it can give off many different signs, and it’s important to recognize these so that you can take action. Here are three signs that it’s probably time to invest in professional heat pump repairs.

1. Failure to Heat or Cool Effectively

If you see that your heat pump no longer generates the consistent, comfortable temperatures that it used to be able to create, it’s a strong indicator that something is wrong. There are many reasons why the system might have this problem, and it is an HVAC professional’s job to find out its exact cause.

One possible explanation for why your heat pump can’t heat or cool your home well is that it has suffered a refrigerant leak, which would hamper its ability to perform heat transfer. Another possibility is that it has dirty air filters blocking proper airflow. Yet another is that some critical parts, like the compressor or evaporator coil, have malfunctioned.

2. High Energy Bills

Homeowners typically use heat pumps because of their significant efficiency advantages over other kinds of HVAC systems. However, when your energy bills suddenly skyrocket for no clear reason, this should motivate you to ask. The cause could range from needing system maintenance to a breakdown that requires you to install a new system entirely.

3. Odd Noises

A malfunctioning heat pump will make all kinds of loud and unusual noises. Abnormal heat pump sounds include bubbling, banging, whistling, screeching, buzzing or grinding. You may need to request a technician for any noise beyond an initial click at the beginning of cycles and a low hum.

It’s important to be able to spot any signs pointing to heat pump trouble. Call Caprock Services Heating & Air to get the best heat pump repair services around Bushland, TX.

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