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    5 Ways Heating Near Me Professionals Maintain Palisades,TX a Furnace

    A furnace is available as a standalone appliance or as part of a heating, cooling, and ventilation system. In either case, it requires maintenance at least once a year by Palisades,TX heating near me professionals. The furnace is also going to encounter a couple of repairs and part replacements in its 15 to 30-year lifespan. HVAC repair is common as the unit ages. 

    The furnace comes in single-stage, double-state, or modulation. These determine whether or not the heating device adjusts to the air’s temperature. If it’s single-stage, the furnace only operates at the on status. 

    Furnaces also have four output types, including natural draft, forced-air, forced draft, or condensing. This determines if the output is moved by the blowers throughout the home or through PVC pipes. 

    Air filter, compartment blower, and flue are three furnace components. Others are the gas burner, gas valve, and heat exchanger. Furnaces have seen energy-efficiency improvements over the last decade; just like the thermostat. So, they are more efficient. 

    Whether your Randall home consists of a standalone furnace, HVAC unit, or newer furnace, they require maintenance. The following are five tasks a professional completes during a heating maintenance visit.

    Check Electrical Connections

    The electrical connections of a furnace and HVAC system must be checked once a year to keep your Texas home safe. Some furnaces live outside among the elements, so they’re susceptible to debris and curious critters. A hungry critter searching for food can be hungry enough to munch on an exposed cable. By the time he figures out the wires are not food, it might be too late.

    Checking the electrical connections ensures that the furnace isn’t pulling more power than the breaker allows. If your breakers haven’t tripped, that’s great. Professionals ensure that they won’t in the future either.

    If the electrical connections are maintained, it’s one less item to troubleshoot when it becomes evident that the furnace isn’t heating as intended.

    Test the Belts

    Several HVAC units include belts. The belts connect to the motor pulley and blower wheel. The belt delivers power to the pulley so the output can be pushed into the home’s ductwork. The type of belt an HVAC and furnace consists of depends on the model. 

    Over time, belts start to make noises. The belts wear out, develop cracks, or lose tension. Once the belt becomes loose or old, it can’t power the motor pulley at 100% anymore. If the furnace is connected to ducts, the output has a tougher time making it to the vents. As it is, 10% of output is lost between a central unit and the vents because it leaks through the ducts. Up to 25% of output can be lost when the ducts start to sag or the HVAC unit isn’t functioning at 100%. 

    Belts cannot be repaired, but they can be easily replaced. Testing the belts is standard maintenance practice. 

    Test the Thermostat

    Randall County HVAC professionals test the thermostat during a maintenance appointment. It’s important to ensure that the thermostat is operating as intended. Analog thermostats have up to a 5-degree error rate, so technicians re-calibrate them during maintenance. Testing the thermostat allows the technician to find out if the sensors are working properly.

    The sensors are the feelers that signal the furnace to switch on and off. If the sensors are off, the furnace is going to run longer than necessary. In a worst-case scenario, the sensors won’t signal the furnace to switch on at all.

    A malfunctioning thermostat easily causes extra wear and tear on the furnace. It takes extra energy for the fan to turn on. If it’s cycling more times, that’s extra mileage being put on the unit. 

    If the thermostat is old and not functioning properly, you’re notified of the finding. A replacement is the most appropriate next step. When a replacement is recommended, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. There are several more models on the market. They’re more user-friendly and more budget-friendly.

    Smart thermostats allow homeowners to optimize the furnace from their smartphones. You can compile reports and change your energy use habits based on the data.

    Lubricate the Moving Parts

    Some furnace models are self-lubricating. If yours isn’t, it requires a couple of drops of lubrication during annual maintenance. A heating near me professional might also decide that the belts require lubrication. This keeps them from cracking, stretching, or wearing out too soon.

    Other moving parts such as the fans, blowers, and motor might require lubrication, too. If they can move freely, they’re less likely to overheat. This is a great way to avoid the frequent need for an HVAC repair.

    Palisades,TX winters are mild and short, so you may not utilize your furnace too often. It’s still a good idea to maintain it in case the temperatures do drop a few days during the year. 

    Clean the Interior

    Filters are the first line of defense against particles in your home indoor air and furnace. A filter isn’t going to capture 100% of the particles that pass through the furnace, but it’s going to do a good job capturing several. The higher the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value rating, MERV, the more and smaller particles the filter traps. Keep in mind that the MERV rating must be compatible with the furnace. If the rating is too high, it can cause your furnace to overheat.

    A filter requires cleaning or changing at least once a month when the furnace is used the most. By keeping up with this recommendation, you prevent the filter from becoming overwhelmed with too much dust and other particles. Once the filter can no longer capture particles, those particles float into the furnace and the ductwork.

    The first place the particles hit inside the furnace is the blower. If the amount of dust builds on the blower, the part can no longer move freely. As soon as it begins having trouble moving, the blower overheats and the output becomes weak. If the output has to travel through ducts, less is going to make it. As you can tell, it has a ripple effect that leads to more energy use and higher energy costs.

    When a Randall HVAC professional cleans the inside of a furnace, they’re also cleaning up the parts to prevent bacterial growth. A furnace is less likely to develop moistures the way air conditioners do, but it’s still important to ensure that no mold spores are no mold spores hanging out on the inside of the unit. Bacteria, mold spores, and other living pollutants in the furnace will float into the rest of your home with the output.

    To schedule a Palisades HVAC repair service or heating near me maintenance appointment, give us a call at 806-646-4822. Our Cap Rock Services is ready to answer your questions. We also offer free estimates. Our team completes installation and replacement services, too. Plus, we’re available to answer Palisades, TX 24/7 emergency service calls.

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