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    5 Ways to Automate Ady,TX Heating and Air Conditioning

    Automating heating and air conditioning is one way to achieve improved energy efficiency in your Ady, TX home. Automation is far easier to achieve now than it has been in the past. Most ways to automate do require technology, but there’s also zoning. If you take the steps to optimize your energy use, you’re going to prevent unnecessary HVAC repair as well as its frequency. Scheduling regular maintenance is still a must, but you’ll be able to stave off repairs and replacements a little bit longer.

    Potter indoor comfort and improved indoor air quality are two reasons to consider automating your home’s heating, cooling, and ventilation system. It’s too easy to forget to lower the thermostat in the summer during peak energy rate hours. It’s also easy to forget to raise the thermostat during the winter peak rate hours. If you request HVAC professionals to install a smart thermostat, you’re halfway to automating the heating and cooling.

    Automation also leads to convenience, savings on energy costs, and peace of mind.

    Let’s take a look at five ways you can automate your Ady,TX home’s heating and air conditioning.


    Zoning is a non-technology way to automate heating and cooling your home. The method works best when there is a central HVAC system installed. A central system heats or cools your home at the same temperature. A homeowner rarely needs every single room with a vent heated or cooled. Since several rooms have vents, the output is inevitably going to reach each. This leads to an inefficiency that zoning corrects.

    In some homes, there will be a need for retro-fitting. HVAC professionals can tell you if your home requires retro-fitting or not. Dampers are inserted into the ducts to create partitions and zones. Each zone requires a separate thermostat. The central air unit remains the focal point as the additional thermostats are wired into it. 

    Each room with a thermostat now receives output. If a room is empty and doesn’t need any output, leave its thermostat off. Household members that do want to receive output in their respective room simply need to adjust the thermostat. 

    This is a great way to reduce energy costs and use while optimizing the output without additional technology. 

    Smart Thermostat

    The most popular way to automate a home’s heating and cooling is through the smart thermostat. This technology was officially released in 2007. Since 2007, it has received several upgrades and more brands have thrown their hat into the ring. The smart thermostat is more user-friendly, and there’s a model available for most budgets.

    Once you pick the best smart thermostat for your home, an HVAC professional can install it for you. They make sure that it’s in the best position and that the sensors operate as intended. When it’s ready to go, you’ll be tasked with downloading the corresponding app on your smartphone. 

    From your smartphone, you’ll be able to create your account, set up your thermostat preferences and schedule. This is a convenient way to capture the best energy rates and still cool your home in the summer while keeping it toasty in the winter.

    Using a smart thermostat to automate the HVAC unit delivers energy savings and convenience. Once it’s programmed, you don’t need to worry about it unless you need to make changes to the schedule. 

    Sync with Smart Home Technology

    New homes are built with pre-installed smart technology features. If your Potter home is older, you can add features to make it smart. Most homeowners begin with appliances such as the smart thermostat. Once you start to build a collection of smart appliances, you can start syncing them through a smart home assistant.

    Smart home assistants allow homeowners to control their smart appliances through voice commands. If you’ve set up your smart thermostat and synced it with your smart home assistant, you can make changes using your voice or smartphone.

    This is a new layer of convenience for those times that you’re trying to multitask. Plus, you’re still enjoying the energy savings that come with smart home technology.

    Read the Reports

    The smart thermostat app compiles energy use reports. These are helpful when you’re trying to understand your energy costs. The reports are also useful when you’re trying to figure out why your bills continue to rise or why one month had a spike.

    Your current energy rates are the first place to check when you’re trying to decipher your costs. Then, you can make adjustments based on the rate brackets. Your goal is to utilize energy during the hours when it’s less expensive. Some homeowners see this as a sacrifice, so you may not be able to always stay away from the higher rate brackets. The supercooling method might work for those who don’t want to sacrifice comfort.

    If you’re not using the bulk of your energy when rates are the highest, the reports may be telling you that there’s a problem with the HVAC unit. If the unit is exerting additional energy but not producing an equal amount of output, it requires HVAC repair, maintenance, or replacement.

    HVAC professionals are learning how to use smart thermostat reports to troubleshoot units. They have access to additional knowledge that paints an entire picture. The problem with your high energy costs could be the filter or something more serious such as the blower fan. 

    Set Up a Humidity Setting

    Automating the cooling and heating of your home accomplishes indoor comfort for several reasons. First, you’re always enjoying your preferred temperature. Second, the reports tell you if the unit is operating at an optimal level. The HVAC unit doesn’t eliminate all the pollutants, particles, and allergens floating in the air; but it can prevent spreading them. If fewer particles are floating in the air, the indoor air quality improves. In the same vein, you can regulate the indoor air humidity level.

    A humid Texas home becomes a breeding ground for live bacteria. You can spot how excess moisture impacts the growth of mold when you see it growing in a basement or attic. It can also grow on the HVAC unit’s coils if they’re not cleaned at least once a year.

    Static electricity, itchy skin, and chipped paint are signs of high indoor humidity levels. Your smart thermostat reports can also include a humidity level statistic. Once the information is recorded, show it to a Potter HVAC technician. Based on that information, they’ll be able to offer solutions. You might need to pair your HVAC unit with a dehumidifier. 

    To schedule an appointment with one of our Cap Rock Services HVAC technicians, give us a call at 806-646-4822. Our technicians keep up with the HVAC industry trends. They’re also knowledgeable in automation and smart home HVAC technology.

    Additionally, our company offers maintenance, Ady HVAC repair, and installation services. We also answer 24/7 emergency service calls.

    To learn more about our company and Ady,TX HVAC services, browse the rest of our website. You can also request service online by filling out the form.

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