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    Air Conditioner Repair In Ogg

    5 Circumstances that Benefit from Ogg,TX 24 Hour AC Repair

    Having access to 24 hour AC repair is a must when the weather heats up in Ogg,TX. It’s common to leave the air conditioning system running throughout the day during peak heat season. There are days when leaving the windows open doesn’t cut it, even overnight. The only way to get a good night’s sleep is to leave the AC running. 

    You’ve already accepted that you’re going to incur a higher energy cost when the AC is left running overnight. The next thing you need to consider is the health of the unit. A well-maintained unit can handle the demand placed on it during the high heat season without AC repair. A unit that hasn’t had a recent tune-up is in questionable condition. 

    Keeping up with maintenance gives the unit a better chance of making it through another summer. One way to access priority service 24/7 is to procure a maintenance plan with a Randall heating, cooling, and ventilation service provider. 

    Regular tune-ups help the unit remain as close to the manufacturer’s settings as possible. When the unit operates near 100%, none of the parts place stress on the others. Under this condition, the system is more likely to reach its intended lifespan. 

    While you mull over signing up for a maintenance plan, the following are five circumstances that benefit from Ogg 24 hour AC repair.

    Unit Doesn’t Power On

    An air conditioner that’s plugged in should start running as soon as it’s turned on. There are several reasons why an AC unit won’t power on. The one that causes the most concern among HVAC professionals is electrical issues. 

    During the Texas summer season, some counties experience rolling blackouts and power outages. Before calling in the professionals, contact your Randall energy provider. Several Ogg,TX providers also offer energy updates on blackouts and power outages online or through their app.

    If the culprit for an inoperative AC isn’t a rolling blackout or power outage, call an HVAC service provider and request emergency service. It could be the thermostat, the electrical connections, or the wiring. The situation becomes a little more sketchy if the lights on the unit are on but the motor doesn’t run.

    In any case, it’s best to let technicians troubleshoot the unit, especially if the temperature has reached unsafe levels. Your job is to protect the members of the household, especially if children or seniors are living with you.

    Without access to priority emergency services under extreme heat situations, you’ll start at the end of the cue with everyone else. You might have to head out to a cooling center or hotel to spend the night while you wait.

    Unit Runs But Doesn’t Blow Cold Air

    An AC unit that turns on and runs the motor but doesn’t blow cold air requires emergency service. A few reasons cause this issue including a faulty thermostat, clogged vents, or blown compressor.

    There’s no real way to troubleshoot this problem without the proper tools, expertise, and HVAC knowledge. To reach the compressor, a technician must take the unit apart. The compressor still lives within its compartment. A blown compressor is an automatic part replacement as opposed to AC repair. 

    Although a compressor that no longer operates requires replacement, preventive maintenance allows it to stay clean and functioning. If a technician finds that the compressor is still operating as expected, they check for obstructions blocking the airflow. 

    Airflow obstructions that cause the unit to stop blowing cold air are serious. At this point, it goes beyond cleaning or changing the filter.

    Faulty thermostats are another culprit. If it’s failing to communicate with the system, the unit doesn’t cool the air.

    When units aren’t blowing cold air during peak season, the situation constitutes an emergency. 

    Unit Makes Odd Sounds

    An AC unit should not make odd sounds like rattling while it’s working. When the AC transitions between cycles, the transition should be seamless. You shouldn’t hear obvious and audible sounds. If you do, the unit could be in trouble. 

    Rattling sounds indicate that a part is loose or that debris found its way inside the unit. It may not be hindering the system’s performance now, but the situation could drastically change without warning. The item causing those sounds is bouncing around. Eventually, it could knock something out of its place. 

    If a part is already loose, it’s going to impact the unit sooner rather than later. It’s best to have a professional take a look before the unit stops working completely. 

    Audible sounds foreshadow that the unit is experiencing trouble. It could be the motor or it could be the compressor. In any case, schedule emergency service before the status turns from service to replacement.

    Unit Creates a Burning Smell

    An air condition unit should not emit an odor at any time. If you smell a burning odor, call an HVAC technician as soon as possible. A burning smell could be caused by electrical issues. A professional takes a look at the connections and the wiring. If your AC lives outside, it’s not uncommon for furry critters to mistake the wires for food. Exposed wires aren’t protected when the unit is running.

    Clogs in the unit are another reason for a burning odor. This occurs more commonly with units that have not been maintained in over a year. The filter captures several of the particles floating in the air. If it’s not cleaned or replaced at least once a month during peak season, those particles will find their way inside the unit. When there are ducts attached to a cooling system, the loose particles find their way into the ductwork. 

    As time goes by without a cleaning, the particle build-up increases. Eventually, it becomes so thick that it impacts the operation of the cooling system. The parts that move can no longer do so because they’re being obstructed. If the machine is on, but the parts cannot move, they strain and overheat. Prolonged overheating will lead to a replacement.

    Unit Leaks Fluid

    Air conditioning units that seep visible water, moisture, or other liquids are not in good condition. The cause is either clog or coil damage. This situation merits an emergency visit because it could lead to something worse such as an AC that stops working and requires a replacement.

    If the unit is leaking water or moisture, the leak merits a look over as soon as possible. A unit that is leaking refrigerant needs to be treated with a sense of urgency. Refrigerant is a hazardous chemical, even in small quantities. It gets more dangerous if you have curious pets or children that enjoy touching things.

    At Cap Rock Services, we offer 24 hour AC repair services to Ogg,TX residents and surrounding Randall areas. To request emergency service, give us a call at 806-646-4822. One of our team members will be out to your residence as soon as possible. We also offer repair, installation, and maintenance services. Depending on our technician’s findings, we may be able to suggest ways to prevent the incident from occurring again.

    You can also visit our website for additional AC repair and HVAC information at

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